About Dog Dot Cat

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Photo by Jeff Salmore


Having been raised an army brat, Diana loves the small town feel of Capitol Hill, and long ago, adopted it as her own hometown.  Trapped inside for many years teaching piano, she is thrilled to now be outside walking dogs with the city as her backdrop.   Monday through Friday, Diana can be found with her mid-day dogs, covering all corners of the Capitol Hill region, from the Library of Congress to Congressional Cemetery and from Union Station to the Anacostia River.

Diana discovered dog walking as a profession after watching the movie, In Her Shoes, the story of a successful NYC lawyer who turns dog walker after experiencing an existential crisis. 

Diana actually thought the whole dog walking thing had been a Hollywood invention.  Then her daughter, Magic, started walking dogs professionally!  Suddenly realizing that pet sitting was an actual profession, Diana immediately set out to create the perfect new line of work for herself, one where she was able to combine her love for animals with the beautiful outdoors. 



Magic is a native to Washington DC. Since childhood she has shared her heart with a plethora of animals, starting with Misty and Tiffany, her two Chihuahuas she adored throughout childhood.  She shared her room with a hamster named Squeaker, who kept himself busy climbing his rig of multi-colored tunnels that went to the ceiling; rats, Tashi and Jinglebell who poked their noses around as they stood on your shoulders; and several aquariums of mice since Georgette turned out to be George!

Beginning in 1988 and for ten years thereafter, Magic attended St. Peter’s Interparish School on Capitol Hill.  Little did she know, that Dog Dot Cat would find its start on those same childhood stomping grounds.  She has fun memories of growing up on the Hill and is happy to be creating more memories with the many dogs and cats who live on the Hill, in addition to several cats and dogs she has rescued along the way.

Magic earned a B.S. degree in speech language pathology from the University of the District of Columbia.  Ironically, by the time she graduated in 2012, she had come to realize that she already found her path caring for the needs of her clients and their dogs and cats, each with an endearing personality and story of their own.

Note from the Owners

Hello to all of you, current, and potential clients and friends.

Having lived in the neighborhood for nearly 40 years, we know the neighborhoods, community, and our folks.  We provide outstanding pet care with consistent service and representation from our business that can offer you peace of mind at a reasonable price.  Your satisfaction allows us to breathe easy!

Dog Dot Cat was established in 2007 and has maintained a hands on approach as a small local business to maintain the interpersonal relationship with our clients, their pets and to keep the community spirit.  

We love taking pictures of our dogs and cats, their adventures, moments and expressions.  When clients are traveling, picture updates keep everyone in the loop.

Dog walking is scenic and pleasurable. The dogs enjoy visiting places like RFK Fields Park and river walk, Lincoln and Garfield Parks, and of course the calm brick sidewalks on Capitol Hill. The smells are inviting, and the sights and space are really exciting!

Our priority is to safeguard the two most important things in your life, your pets and your home, so please reach out to us through our website or directly through telephone or email.

Thank you,

Magic & Diana

the Pack Partners of Dog Dot Cat