CAT is our last name, and we love waiting on the royal felines in your life!  Shy cats, bold cats, young cats, old cats, they each have their own personalities and we let them take the lead.  Some cats love to be brushed with the fur glove, are mesmerized by the laser light, go bonkers over cat nip, catapult over their mouse wand.  In case they don’t tell us, please let us know their favorite activity so we can give them some extra attention and loving while you are away.  Contact us right meow

Cat Sitting.png

Cat Sitting

  • Starting at $25

  • 25 minute visit

  • Rate applies to 1 cat

  • Add $3 for 2 or more cats

We will feed your cat according to your specifications. This usually entices even the most shy of felines out of their hiding spots.  And of course, we will refresh their water and scoop their kitty litter box. Additionally, we will bring in the mail and newspaper, alternate lights and curtains to give your home a lived in feel, and water plants as needed.  

Cat Pack.png

Join the Cat Pack

  • Starting at $540.00 (Package of 24/Includes 1 cat)

  • Twice daily visits

  • 25 minutes morning and evening

  • $22.50 per visit / 10% savings

  • Add $3 per visit for up to 2 more cats

  • Add $5-10 per administration of oral or pill medication

  • For those who need twice daily visits, like cool cats Sammy, Frankie, Dino, and friends, this is the Cat Pack for you!

Additional Fees

  • Add $3 to standard cat rate for 2 or more cats

  • $5-10.00 per administration of oral and pill medication.

  • $5-$10 Travel fee for visits off Capitol Hill

  • $20.00 Holiday surcharge on federal government holidays (see FAQ)

  • $20.00 House checks to collect the mail, alternate the lights, etc.

  • $25.00 Initial client meeting

  • $20.00 Key pick up or drop off