10 Things To Do In Preparation For Your Pet Sitter


Leaving for the holidays? Going on a business trip? Family emergency? Just want to get away for the weekend?  Make your escape worry free.  Here are some tips on how to prepare for a successful pet sitting experience. 

  1. Before leaving, always make sure to touch bases with with your pet sitting company to confirm that they have your dates on the schedule. 
  2. Call your vet and let them know your pet sitter will be on duty in the event that a visit is necessary.
  3. To ensure things start off on the right paw, we’ll need easy access to your home by having two copies of current house keys on file. If there is a door in the house that we don’t have a key to, make sure to put tape over turn-locks so that doors don’t accidentally get locked, resulting in an emergency call to the locksmith.  If there are any sticky locks (especially when weather is hot) be sure to give your locks some extra lubrication with a fresh application of WD-40 or graphite powder.  These can be found at your local hardware store.
  4. Log on to your Leashtime profile to make sure we have up-to-date alarm code information; and the security password in the event the alarm goes off and the company calls. 
  5. Let us know about any plumbing issues in your house such as toilets that don’t function properly.
  6. Leave a note to let your pet sitter know what the feeding instructions are for your animals and make sure treats and pet food supplies are well stocked for the duration of your trip. 
  7. Have a cat? Make sure the kitty litter scoop is readily available and that there is enough litter to make fresh changes as needed.
  8. Some cats have favorite toys, so leave those out. If Fluffy likes to be brushed from time to time, leave their grooming tools out as well.
  9. We want to keep things tidy while your away!  Leave the basic necessities: a broom, functioning dust pan, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
  10. And don’t forget…when you are back in town, check in via email or text to let us know you are home and back with your pet.

Have a great trip!

Bryan Mazzarello

Creative Director at Mazzarello Media & Arts.